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Give your candle a little love and care to ensure you receive the most burn time:

• Remove the crystals when you first light the candle, they are safe to leave in but will be harder to clean if they get lost in the wax.

• When burning for the first time, allow to melt to the edges of the jar before blowing out to keep the wax even and ensure you get the maximum burn time.

• Do not leave the candle unattended and keep lit for 4hrs max at a time.

• For a clean burn, always trim the wick when wax has cooled, before relighting.

• When 1cm wax remains, rinse out the jar with hot water and detergent. Please recycle or re-use the jar.

And of course be safe:
Burn candles out of reach of children and pets. Always leave at least 10cm between burning candles. Do not burn candles on or near anything that can catch fire. Only burn candles on a levelled heat resistant surface. Glass may become hot during use. When not in use, store your candle in a cool and dry place. Extinguish when 1cm of wax remains and do not relight. May cause allergic reaction. If skin irritation or rash occurs: Get medical advice.


We recommend removing the crystals from your candle before lighting. They are safe to leave in but we advise not letting them sink into the wax completely, as they will be harder to clean if they get lost in the wax. You can use a brush to clean any wax off under running warm water. However, some crystals, like Selenite, are too delicate to be be soaked in water.

When you purchase crystals from us they arrive to you cleansed and recharged. It is a good rule of thumb to cleanse and recharge your crystals once a month, as many crystals are said to pick up vibrations and energies, therefore they need to be cleansed before use to ensure you are getting the best from them. Some crystals are self-cleansing and do not pick up other energies.

You can cleanse your crystals by doing one of the following: 

• Put your crystals next to or on top of a self-cleansing crystal, like Selenite.

• Smudge your crystals with a sage stick or palo santo.

• Leave your crystals outside on a full moon, or place them on a windowsill, to recharge.


We at ZenCity Studio are passionate about operating sustainably and as ethically conscious as possible in our business. We don’t use any plastic in our parcels; the packing material is all recyclable and our stickers are biodegradable. We encourage you to recycle our packaging and the candle jars or find another purpose for them in your home.


We are based in the UK but offer shipment within Europe, rates are calculated at the checkout.

Shipments are usually sent out between 1-3 business days after an order is placed. Made-to-order items such as our bracelets usually take us 1-2 days to create and are a letterbox delivery. All our packaging is eco-friendly.

We offer FREE standard shipping within the UK on orders over £50.


If anything is broken/damaged upon arrival, please email us and we'll do our best to solve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you are unsatisfied we offer a full refund within 14 days of the product being returned in perfect condition.


This website is encrypted. Your payment information is processed securely. We do not store credit card details nor have access to your credit card information. All transactions are powered by Shopify.


With every ZenCity Signature bracelet purchase, we give back! 10% of profit goes to supporting Haven Rescue Home in Kenya. A home for girls, 18yrs and younger, who are new mothers or mothers to be.


ZenCity Studio’s owner and founder Eva, who is a certified Crystal Healing Therapist and holds a BA (Hons) Design degree from Central St. Martins, believes crystals are the ultimate in self-care rituals. Crystals have been a part of Eva's life for over 20 years and she started creating crystal related products under the name ZenCity Studio during the first lockdown in 2020.

Our studio is now based in Brighton&Hove UK, where we handcraft all our products. Our crystal bracelets and the ZenCity journals are Eva's designs and she curated our crystal kits. All our crystals arrive to you cleansed and charged by Eva herself - ready for you to work with.

If you are in Brighton you can book a Crystal Healing session with Eva, or alternatively drop her a line to discuss distant healing session.


Crystals are unique like everything in nature, they are a natural product and vary in size, shape and colour. The information we provide on the effect of each crystal is intuitive in nature, you should never substitute crystals for professional medical treatment.

All our crystals are authentic and ethically sourced from trusted sustainable sources and our handmade candles are vegan friendly.

Please follow our candle care instructions (found above) for your safety. Each candle is 300ml in size, blended and hand-poured by us. As with most natural, handmade candles they may have some imperfections in-between burns, but we always try our absolute best to keep the quality consistent and to the highest standards possible.

All metal we use in our jewellery is made of brass, plated with either rose gold, silver or gold, and is lead and nickel free.

We use clear elastic thread in our bracelets that is made from eco-friendly, latex free polyurethane which won’t crack or fray over time. It is one of the strongest biodegradable threads on the market. Although no product will last forever our handmade bracelets are very durable, especially if you refrain from soaking in water.

Our crystal bracelets are made-per-order, please refer to our size guide to find out your size. Given that the beads are all made from natural crystals the bracelet size can vary about 0.5-1cm give or take.


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In the chaos of everyday city life, you can call on crystals for everything from relieving stress to manifesting a specific intention. They help facilitate change, shift your energy and to balance your body and mind.

Crystals have been a source of wonder, mystery and magic for centuries. They are a gift to us from Mother Nature and are one of the most powerful tools you can use to enhance energy and bring positive changes into your life. All of our products are designed to inspire your own personal magic.

Our handmade crystal products are created for those who want to harness the therapeutic and energetic properties of crystals and make them a part of their everyday lives. Our focus is on positivity and wellbeing – we help you find your Zen.