Zen Stationary

Our mindfulness journals are now available on Amazon worldwide

We believe crystals are one of the greatest tools for your wellness toolbox and we highly recommend you incorporate crystals into your daily journaling routine.

Feel more grounded and content while building a consistent writing practice – and note down your daily support crystal too!

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ZenCity Studio Journals

There are three journals in our Pause Series and one blank notebook

Each journal is designed to help you build a consistent writing practice. Our journals have prompts to get you started on the process of self-reflection, plus plenty of space for your free-hand writing. They are A5 size paperbacks with a lovely soft-touch cover.

Daily Reflections Journal

Take a pause and set intentions with mindful journaling using daily prompts to start and end your day with a fresh mindset. Includes positive affirmations and mandala colouring tasks.

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Dream Journal

Find out what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Our Dream Journal includes prompts to help you pinpoint any hidden meanings or messages from your dreams.

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Card of the Day Journal

Keep track of your daily card pulls. This journal helps you record the messages you receive for a whole month and analyse your interpretations. Includes a space to note down date, moon phase, questions and reflections. Compatible with any deck. 

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Take a pause and write freely whatever comes to your mind and heart in our pocket size A6 notebook. It is the only blank notebook in the series and it goes perfectly with any of the other journals.

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We hope you enjoy using our Pause Series journals and that you note your daily support crystal down too - as in the chaos of modern life, you can call on crystals for everything from relieving stress to manifesting a specific intention. They are a gift to us from Mother Nature and they help facilitate change, shift your energy and to balance your body and mind.

We are positive that our journals will give you feelings of gratitude and contentment on your journey of finding your Zen.