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Crystal Candle – DEWDROP Series

Crystal Candle – DEWDROP Series

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Choose your scent:

Choose from three fresh, sweet and rejuvenating scents

Handmade luxury scented soy candle

Read about each scent in the dropdown below ↓

All candles in the DEWDROP Series include natural and unpolished Rose Quartz crystals

Rose Quartz: Strengthens the bond with yourself and with others, brings us pure form of love, joy, passion and creativity. It is the stone of Universal love as it promotes compassion while also healing heartbreak

ZenCity Studio Candles are handmade and vegan friendly

All our candles are 300ml in size, handcrafted from responsibly sourced materials, plant based wax and vegan friendly fragrance oils. Please note: each crystal is natural and unique in size and shape. These pictured are samples, you will be sent a random candle.

Coconut + Lime

There’s something nostalgic about the classic aroma of mixed coconut and lime with its tropical heavenly sweetness. We guarantee it will leave you feeling joyous, rejuvenated and wanting more...

Honeysuckle + Elderflower

This scent is an absolute freshness overload - with a hint of citrus, sandalwood and vanilla. 

Visualisation exercise: Breathe in the aroma and picture yourself as a tiny fairy, surrounded by a bed of elderflowers, jasmine and winterberries, bathing in dewdrops from de-frosting honeysuckle during the first days of spring, what a delight!


Rhubarb is rich in antioxidants and has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. This familiar zingy and sharp, yet sweet and fruity aroma equals instant happiness!

Care instructions

Give your candle a little love and care to ensure you receive the most burn time:

• Remove the crystals when you first light the candle, they are safe to leave in but will be harder to clean if they get lost in the wax

• When burning for the first time, allow to melt to the edges of the jar before blowing out, to keep the wax even and ensure you get the maximum burn time

• Do not leave the candle unattended and keep lit for 4hrs max at a time

• For a clean burn, always trim the wick when wax has cooled, before relighting

• When 1cm wax remains, rinse out the jar with hot water and detergent, please recycle or repurpose the jar

We recommend removing the crystals from your candle before lighting. They are safe to leave in but we advise not letting them sink into the wax completely, as they will be harder to clean if they get lost in the wax. You can use a brush to clean any wax off under running warm water.

It is a good rule of thumb to cleanse and recharge your crystals once a month. You can cleanse your crystals by doing one of the following: 

• Put your crystals next to or on top of a cleansing crystal, like selenite.

• Smudge your crystals with a sage stick or palo santo.

• Leave your crystals outside on a full moon, or place them on a windowsill, to recharge.


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Please note that international shipping takes longer and our candles are 100% natural soy so they can soften if left in hot temperatures during transit.

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